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Default Help a newbie with nicads


I have just bought a JR 2610 transmitter with a 4.8volt 1100mAh (4N1100) receiver nicad pack and a 9.6volt 600mAh (JR-2S) nicad transmitter pack.

I have also bought a nice Swallow Advanced charger (http://www.modelflight.com.au/rc_mod...ry_charger.htm)

There are no instructions in the JR manual or the Swallow charging manual about the proper charge rates for my nicads. I am scared I will blow my nicads up if I use the improper charge or discharge.

The charger has peak detection and will charge from 0.1A - 5.0A and discharge from 0.1A - 1.0A.

In the manual it has an example of a nicad being discharged at 0.50A and being charged at 3.0A.

What is the general rule for charging/discharging rates for nicads?

Thanks for your help guys/girls