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Default RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......

Yes, you should really take it easy the first 2-3tanks. And the best time to run in the engine would probably be in the winter time as i did with my MT, and it runs just perfect now. The latest car i recently did run in... but it's hard to hold back on the throttle... i know it is but after you feel the engine loosen up, you know that you will have a engine that will hold up for a long time, and perform the best [sm=thumbup.gif] best way would be to let it cool down between every tank to.

Off topic: I have recently bought myself a Tamiya electric to play with when i cant for some reason use those big scales, and I'm now hooked on that rock crawling and truck trial bit, for now anyways. It's nice to have something else to thinker with when i tried truck trial with my latest big scale.... well lets say it went well, but it felt more like driving a real car in truck trial, and felt a little scary to be around. It was just a little bit to much of everything

Good luck with your monster there Aleck [sm=thumbup.gif]

I sure had some wow experience with my first big scale... even when i open up the package. And nowdays with my bigger scale it starts to feel like to much, to big, to wild, hard to carry, hard to keep the audience calm and not scared.... it's just to big