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Default RE: First tank of fuel...HOLY CRAP.......

What i meant was these 1:6 monster are huge, and in my personal opinion on the very edge of being mobile for any longer walking distance with it. They do take up allot of space when driving, and are quite loud, so there is many times problems in finding places to run them. Other then that they are a real blast to drive, maximum fun

But i know now, getting anything larger then these monsters are just a fun wow experience the first times, then they will not be used much, and that is for the lack of mobility, it's just to big to walk with for more then a few meters, and will take up a very big place in the 1/1 car when driving that RC to it's playing-ground, and finding a place huge enough... man i have trouble turning around with it on a normal gravelroad... cant do it so there is very much limitations the bigger a car gets. So i guess the Fg 1/6 will be used much more then the other bigger one, and my new electric will be used much much much much much more then the Fg

But i still love my big scale gasoline baby's [sm=thumbup.gif]