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Default Servos JR 8411 always humming

Hi everybody,
First, excuse me by advance if my english is not perfect. I'm french. (don't hesitate to correct me !!...)
I've got 6 JR 8411 servos in my new plane.
When I supply the plane (it's ready to fly !!), the servos are always humming and when I touch the flight controls, I feel them a very slightly vibration.
All my servos are new (out from the box).
I have tried another receiver and another input voltage (4,8 volts). No change ...
What do you think about that ??
Is it normal ???
What do the others users of JR 8411 think about these noises and vibrations ??
Can I fly safety like that ??
Is there no risk of damage for the servos in the long term ??

Thank you by advance for your answers.