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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

ORIGINAL: rcrick

Has anyone had the wing tube stops come out of their tube sockets in their wings ? I just noticed that the one in the right wing panel is broken into pieces and the one in the left panel fell out when I stood the wing up with the root end down. I am trying to think of a way to repair this without cutting the covering . The stop is a plywood "washer" that is suppose to be glued to the end of the socket to prevent the wing tube from going too far into the wing. I am thinking about adding an aluminum "washer " so that the wing tube can not cut into the original wood stop as part of this repair. Any other ideas or suggestions ?


Yeah this just happen to one of my wings also. I think I'll pass on John fix and open the bottom of the wing and deal with it.