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Default RE: Showtime for Pattern flying?

Hey, I finally got some air time with the Showtime this weekend. Saturday ended early due to a stripped out geartrain in a 9411, but it revealed much about throw adjustments needed and also that I had some fuel draw problems. Those ailerons are hugely effective, WOW! This is thefirst airplane Ihave not been able to keep up with the full roll rate for 3D rollers and I had to dial it down a fair bit, so now I have something nearerhe recommended throws. I tried using all the throw I could get at first, which was good for a few laughs, but that was about all.

Anyway... today, much better re. the engine fuel draw after adding a pressure tap on the tuned pipe. Now if only the main bearing hadn't gone bad, things would have been even better. Tried the SFGs - wow, lotsa effect there. I was somewhat surprised at how much they seem to blank out some of the wing area and reduce aileron effectiveness during lower speed, high yaw angles. I expected some effect, but there comes a point when there is a very sudden rolling imparted, which really doesn't characterize itself as a normal snap. It's more like 25% of the area on the one wing just went away and it rolls decisely, but fairly cleanly in the opposite direction to the rudder being applied. I guess I'm just overdoing things as I am still learning the airplane.

It sure is fun though. Once I got the feel for it a little better, rollers were effortless (3D and otherwise). KE Loops, a breeze. Pinwheels, can't seem to get through the last 1/3 too well yet, but the first 2/3 is impressive. Good waterfalls, not much tendency to roll out. Very nice Walls, upright and inverted. I have to work on it, but I think it can probably do a knife edge Wall. Harriers are OK, probably needs some aileron reflex to help stabilize a little better. TRs, though I am fairly rusty with them right now, seem pretty well behaved. Blenders and stationary flat spins are A-OK. Actually, not quite stationary yet, just a very slow descent rate, but I think it will work out with a better prop on it. Currently using 15x10 APC pattern cut, may need something with more authority for low speed work. The OS 90 with the ES CF pipe works real well. The isolation mount works great. It's very quiet, very smooth and the throttle transition is reasonably good. I think that when the main bearing is replaced, that will straighten out even more. Maybe a little more nitro too - using only 15% right now.

Did the Masters once through with the SFGs removed and it's respectable enough. I have done nothing of any real substance to trim it yet, so it is bound to improve, but it was very reasonable. I think it will meet all the expectations I had, I just have to learn more about how those little SFGs affect things. Thinking about making a set of my own to try to reduce some of the unwanted effects, we'll see.

Thumbs up!