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Default jr8103 and Synthesized module problem

Hey guys,

I've got a new JR 8103 TX and I just bought a Synthesized TX module for it since it didn't come with the frequency I needed. I figured I would go with the synthesized module since I need a couple different channels from time to time and didn't want to have to switch out modules or buy them for that matter. The problem is that I can't get jack squat out of the thing. I install the module, set it to my channel, turn on the TX, turn on the RX in the aero and I get nothing but a little servo twitch at startup. If I turn off the TX, the servos jerk again as if they "had" communication to the TX and just lost it. I'm stumped, its like none of my sticks work for anything.

The controller has been used with a flight sim without any problem, this is the first issue I have had. Any idea what might be causing this???

Thanks much,