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Default RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D

Savage- The low wing tail dragger will have a different feel on the ground then a top wing, but the principles are close to the same in the air, usually the low wing plane will want to land a little faster then a trainer, but the Twist is a different story, it flys very stable at low speeds, I don't think you'll have a problem at all, but she flys right where you ask it to. unlike a trainer which you can pretty much let go of the controls and it will find its way back to level flight if its trimmed out right.

So get the Twist ready to go, then take your trainer up for a few tanks to get yourself adjusted and warmed up and then,,,, I say go for it, and welcome to the Stunt plane world. you have to learn sometime.. and theres no time like right now... Just keep the throws on the Twist at the lower settings to start and feel your way out from there...