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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Edgeman, To be honest with you, when I made my comments I was reading someone else's post hundred's of pages back. I couldn't get to the last post to see the comments from "Gasser Flyers" regarding Chris's email to him. I too hope that he get's his company in order and is able produce quality kits for us. However, There is no excuse for the silence and disconnect that Chris has allowed to develope between "Extreem Flight RC", and his customer base. If he had the time to answer Gasser Flyers email, surely he could have taken the time to come on here and explain to his customers and all those on the waiting list, what is going on with Extreem. There are many other 87" Yaks on the market that are up to the same quality that Chris's are. BME, TOC, and QQ's. I'm not at all sure my comments would have been all that different even if I had went to page 251 first.