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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Wow the highs and lows on this forum are amazing, it really is like your favourite soap opera.

Can i just say that Chris has had an absolute nightmare since his return. First off he was ill whilst in China which caught up with him big time on his return, i am sure anyone who has been on any kind of hectic trip will know how the adrenalin can keep you going, also he had to move house and cap this off with having to try and get stuff ready for forthcoming shipments (absolutely time critical) and receiving a large shipment of aircraft amongst simply having to catch up with the backlog of work which piles up over two weeks of not being in the office. A lot to contend with.

I 100% appreciate everyone's frustration, I have had a nightmare getting hold of him too and am alos awaiting shipments here in Europe. Bottom line is to send an e-mail to one person probably doesn't require the same measured response that you would expect someone to give to a post on such a high profile forum, although having said that the e-mail probably sumed it up quite well. I know everyone is givving Chris a chance and will continue to do so but he will come good with bith an appropriate response and a number of excellent products.

I don't wish to jump in and speak on Chris's behalf here but I would at least like to allay some peoples frustrations.