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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly


Can anyone comment on the similarities and differances with QQ's and Chris' plane? It makes me wonder if they just cut a better deal with QQ and switched to his covering or something. Chris has been trying to get planes delivered for a lot longer than QQ it seems so QQ must have an edge that Chris doesn't.

The construction on the two planes is pretty much exactly the same. The difference between the two is in the lines of the planes. QQ's plane is a little narrower than the EF and there are some other cosmetic differences. By themselves you'd think one could be the other. Next to eachother you can see the differences. I had the chance to fly a buddies QQ Yak a few weeks ago and other than some set up issues on this particular plane it flew awesome. I dont think anyone can honestly say that one flies better than the other.
It is possible to have two great flying planes on the market in the same class.

The "edge" you refer to that QQ must have over EF with the factory is purely a money and number of order issue. Right or wrong, the factory decided to do QQ's stuff before the stuff they had promised to Chris. Great for QQ. Not so great for EF.

Chris has never let a set back deter him from producing the planes we all want to fly. The fatory in Malaysia is going to be a great thing and without going into a lot of detail about whats coming all I will say is that there will be stuff that blows people away.