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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

I see the point that people want these planes and get upset when they are not available. But there has been plenty of info available regarding the status of these planes....not good news if you wanted to get one this year but there has been news.

Rather than get upset and bad mouth Chris, why not just be patient and wait until he gets the issues resolved? There are other planes available in the meantime that will certainly fly very well (eg QQ Yak) and if when Chris resolves things then you can go back and see what he has.

Chris was the innovator in ARF designs and unfortunately the imitators have had more luck getting planes built. I have so far owned the Edge profile and the Electric Yak and found the quality to be excellent and the stuff was to my door right away. I look forward to him getting more stuff to market but in the meantime I think I can find plenty out there to fly. Some guys spend so much time complaining about the waiting time on ARF's that you could have built 3 or 4 big kits in that time....