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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

What Mail? I've seen no mail. I haven't ordered a Yak from Chris, although I have no doubt they are first class. I already have an 87" YAK, and I have flown my brothers plane, (which was Chris's, personal original Yak) and bought directly from Chris. I know Chris! I like him very much and I'm proud he has built the reputation for building an aircraft that anyone would be proud to own. An on top of that....... He's from GA. and so am I. I live just a few miles from him. But I don't care how you slice it, The customer base should always be kept informed of what plans the company is undertaking and the statis of impending shipments. If one can't do it publicly, Then at least leave a message on the answering machine to advise us of delays, ect. That's why we have answering machines. Just put a message on the stupid thing and we want have to wait for someone to tell us they had an email from Chris.