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Default Balsaloc

Hello; I am building a Morris Gee whiz Bee, I have wasted nearly 2 full rolls of 21st Century white covering trying to get it to stick. I have 2 old bottles of balsaloc that I haven't used since the 90s'. I tried to soften the balsaloc by putting a bit of water in the jar and turning it upside down, after shaking it thoroughly. After a week, it seems that the water hasn't combined with the balsaloc, and thinned it down. Is there any other thing I can use to re-claim this old balsaloc? Or are there any secrets with this 21st Century stuff?

I cut the piece then attach the edges with an iron, then when I go to shrink it, the edges pull away. Is my iron not hot enough? I use the coverite thermometer and have tried 175 degrees then I tried 225 degrees to tack it down. Same thing, it pulls the edges off no matter what I try.

Another thing I noticed was when I was covering the flying surfaces, I can do a good job on it, but when I let it sit for a few hours, or overnight the sags return. I am a little afraid to re-shrink it for fear of it pulling off again.

Shaould I just throw the coverite away and go buy some ultracote?