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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

As a business Chris has to make some hard decisions... he's taking a beating on multiple occasions to bring what he believed to be the best out there. I'd venture to say that most everyone who got one of the first batch Yaks would agree (as well as his other aircraft).

Since then a plethora of Yaks have come to market... some are even offering carbon fiber components, wing/fuse & stab bags, etc.. And many of them (though heavier) are reported as flying nicely too.

The original CAD design done at the "first" manufacturer was devloped from Chris' criteria... alignments, moments, airfoil, wing placement, stab placement, etc...

It takes a good deal of time to draw up plans, tool up, make prototypes, test fly, make CAD modifications, make prototypes, test fly, etc... to develop a great flying model. That's why we often see planes that are "so-so" because MOST companies aren't willing to go through the expense and time to make it the "best" it can be. They also come in heavier because they care more for profit than perfection. So OTHER similar designs might come in as much as 2.5 lbs heavier becuase of cheap/heavy balsa, cheap heavy aluminum gear, etc. they still fly nice... but oh to have perfection. That's why it took so long to design, tool up and produce THESE yaks we got with the second manufacturer.

Now on this Yak issue. I had one, best flying plane I've ever flown. Sold it because I was on the list for another. Had I known this was going to happen, I probably would not have sold it. So in a manner of speaking... I'm out too...

BUT... imagine if this next plane had already been under CAD design... in fact plans already completed prior to this last fiasco with the factory and finding out no planes were forthcoming.

You HAVE to turn a profit (especially after losing on your last two ventures)... With many already getting tired of waiting and buying other Yaks, and the fact that there is the QQ Yak which is nearly identical, the AeroTech, the BME, the TOC, the Lanier... all these at or near market.

NOW... you have to start CAD design of this plane again... because the plans with the other manufacturer are developed around their processes (and quite honestly they probably wouldn'tlet him have them anyway... they don't have to according to their laws)

And suppose you knew that these CAD files got "shared" with yet another china manufacturer so you can expect some nearly identical knockoffs soon from yet ANOTHER manufacturer?

Do you spend the time to CAD design the Yak again, test fly, stress test, etc, tool up and go into production on a plane that has flooded the marketplace now... OR do you do like you did initially... come out with a new design that totally blows away anything like it just as the EF 87" Yak did when it made it out...

And a design that isn't flooding the market... As a business person I'd have to go with the latter... if we are to see EF grow and continue to bring these planes to market they need to turn a profit... and if they can come to market FASTER with a design already in CAD... then so be it.

I DO hope that Chris will follow up with his 87" Yak eventually... and if there is enough demand and it makes good business sense.. he will.

Til then give him credit for eating humble pie yet again and explaining EVERYTHING that has transpired AND not committed to promising anything more until he has everything fully under his control.

The bottom line is that Chris can logistically bring to market a "new" kick-butt plane before he can bring the Yaks back... he stands to lose a lot more "waiters" if he announces it wouldn't be til summer til Yaks can be developed and delivered. But he has a good shot at delivering 2006's hot plane to have in early spring....