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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

You sound like an intelligent guy. Surely you can grasp what is intended when someone speaks of stealing a design. Just because it looks like a Yak-54 and carries the shape does not mean that there has not been countless hours of design gone into the plane. The design is in the formers, in the way the peices interlock, to the foam turtledeck, cords, wing position all of which has to be designed as the full scale Yak does not contain it.
So yes..when another plane comes out with parts that are interchangeable (although not as well built), has the same wingcord, airfoil, and even the peices interlock and are cut the same...yes that is a stolen design. No two CAD drawings will be the same unless one is reverse engineered. So when you hear that it is a stolen design, steer your mind towards that and forget about the shape of the plane as you seem to be hung up on it.

You ask Chris not to take it personal? Give me a break. So dont insult everyone's intelligence as I wont insult yours by even for a second thinking you didnt have an alterior motive by posting your diatribe.

Rant off.