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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

Bosshossv8.....Well what do you know, another "PUPPET popped up out of the pulpit. I am an intelligent guy. Maybe some might even say that I'm too smart for my "BRITCHES". That may, or may not be true. I can tell you one thing that is for sure though, and that is, when I read what someone says, and I want to make an observation of what I think they said, I always try and Quote them accurately. Please go back and read my comments again. I never said Chris stole the design. I said thee Chinese stole the "YAK," from Chris and Chris stole the "YAK" from the Russians.Notice I didn't mention anything about DESIGN. There is a vast difference between the two words, and the way I used them. I never intended for one minute to suggest that Chris, was a thief. I have probably owned more of his kit's than you have, and I look forward to owning more. (if I like what he offers) I bought his kits, when they were sold in plastic bags, when maybe you never heard of him.
I can't understand how you, or any of the other "POP UP PUPPETS" on this thread, think I have been attacting Chris, personally. The comments I make are directed toward Extream Flight, as a company, not Chris as a person. I firmly believe that Chris, as the owner of the company, has a duty, and an obligation to his customers when promised shipments of airplanes that have been long awaited, cannot be delivered. And, as Chris said in his post, He understands the implications and negative comments that will surely come when you make promise's that sometimes can't be controlled due to circumstances and dependance on others in a foreign country. Make no mistake, I like Chris Hinson, and on a personal basis, he is beyond reproach. It's his business practices's I have a problem with. I live in the same State as Chris.and I've known and his reputation long before he started his company. I might add that reputation is impeccable. I look forward to more product's from Extream Flight in the future. Like I said before.......I had tried to contact The company (Extream Flight) for almost a year with no success. If me comiing on this thread and making my comments (negative or not) resulted in him coming on the thread and up-dating you on the statis of your "Yak" which you have been eagerly awaiting has probably been in vain.......Then maybe I've acomplished something. I KNOW..........Go to the list.