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Default RE: Extreme Flight 87" Yak 54 - Build & Fly

ORIGINAL: Josey Wales

Well I flew my Yak today and all I can say is UNBELIEVABLE! The thing flies like a sim plane!
Rolls were silky smooth and extremely axial..the ailerons are very effective..I could change the roll direction in an instant..very crisp...Full deflection elevators were solid with no wing drop at all! I was very impressed with that..Inverted and upright elevators as well as harriers were simple..no mixes needed for knife edge and inverted was level with the sticks at neutral...My favorite were the tumbles OMG!! On my med rate the Yak would go end-over-end at idle speed at any time! All I had to do was push the stick down and away it would go! At my full rate which is 65 degrees the tumbles were sick!! Waterfalls were so fast I did 3 in a row before I knew it and hardly loss any altitude! I tried some tailslides and I was so busy watching it slowly descend I didn’t realize how low I was getting..punched the throttle and it climbed back up the same line!

I now understand why people are willing to wait for the next EF plane..I know Ill be in line with them!..Only mods done was the hatch latch and I followed Neos advice to the letter and it works perfect (Thanks Tom) This plane is 100X better than my WH Edge and I think the Edge flies great but its not in the same league with the Yak...and thats nothing against WH they make great planes
Sounds just like my plane, yes its love at first flight!