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Default RE: Suggestions for a trainer plane

The wing loading on the Hanger 9 PTS is not in the twentys, I do not think we are talking abount the same airframe, I have instructed with the Hanger 9 PTS and it behaves like a trainer, poitive inputs give a positive responce, the only thing this hasn't which a trainer does is lateral self righting, with a buddy box (I do not advocate training in any other way) this aircraft is perfectly capable of training a learner the big big difference is that the transittion to the next stage is not so traumatic, same airframe with the brakes and or slats removed, one at a time, it also looks the part, which is an important view for any one with the first airframe, the old fashion high wing trainer has been around for a long time and had its place when you used to have to grab the tranny from the pilot when they got into trouble, you wanted some natural stability to ensure you had time to recover whilst transfering control after a grab, with the buddy box this over stability is no longer required, the learning curve is only as steep as the pupil can cope with. I once taught a young man to fly full size gliders, on his silver C cross country flight (50km), he flew over 300km for a gold instead, his comment was nobody told me it was difficult.

this is my opinion and if you don't like it I have plenty of others.