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Default Moving Slider Zero Reference

I have an Ultra stick 60 - Quad flaps and a 9C Super radio. Being a newbie with the radio, I was still able to setup the crow and continuous ailerons (as outlined in the FAQ #40). It took a lot of trial and error but surprisingly it all works. The part I can't seem to get is moving the slider zero reference and still be able to use the flaps as continuous ailerons. I called FUTABA assistance - the gentleman tried - but wasn't able to help. He suggested just follow the instructions. I have tried removing the linkage and moving the slide to one end (FAQ #40 - step 10) but I'm obviously missing a step as the flaps must now be moved electrically to align with the ailerons. At this point I only have downward flap movement and no upward.

Well, if you haven't noticed, FAQ instructions are generally skimpy because the writer knows the subject in depth and provides written information as if everyone has their level of subject knowledge. I can assure you that one of their own specialists didn't know how to set this parameter.

I would surely appreciate it if someone that has completed this setup could provide some instructions.