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Default RE: how do I clean my transmitter?

Martin the idea is to get the brush damp without dripping. Usually one or two short sprays onto the brush will do the entire Tx. I will usually start wiping the brush on the back side so any excessive fluid cannot run into switchs or seams. By the time you are doing the front there will be plenty of polish left and you can work into some of those useless moulded in case cavities and decorations. Old T shirt material will polish the best. Paper towels just don't quite do the job.

Now for the best part (I use the Lemon variety because it smells good[8D]) The furniture polish will make your film covered airplanes look fantastic for those times ya want your airplane to look special. Agine polish with old T shirt materal. For some reason 'Old flyin T shirts' will polish to a higher sheen than 'Old rock concert T shirts.