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Default Did you happen to see the most beautiful... r/c car radio in the world?

OK guys. Here is the simple task: how to choose the best radio among these?
1. Futaba 3PK
2. Ko Propo Helios EX-10 (JR Z-1)
3. Airtronics M11 (Sanwa M11)
Oh. Btw. Criteria:
1. Must be the top model in the respective manufacturer's product line
2. Can be used with Spektrum DSM modules
3. Can be used with AM Mini-Z modules

Here is my thoughts:
Futaba 3PK. Pros: Reliable, solid, attractive. Well... for me it's like AK74 [8D]. Cons: lack of ergonomics - wheel can't be tilted. Slightly overpriced. Old.
Ko Propo Helios EX-10 (JR Z-1). Pros: Exellent ergonomics, PC interface. Cons: Ugliest design ever. Mini-Z module is not compatible with Kyosho's AM band therefore you have to replace on-board electronics on the Mini-Z car itself. Wheel adapter and PC interface with software are sold seperately.
Airtronics M11 (Sanwa M11). Pros: Largest display on the market. One extra channel. Cons: Largest display means largest dimensions. Wheel can't be tilted too.

Well. You may say that I forgot to mention Futaba's HRS and stuff, but I don't plan to you HRS, PCM, FM or whatsoever (see criteria).

So what do you guys think? What's your favorite?