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Default RE: Rut-Ro... CA on the Dining Room Table

Well I pulled an even bigger boner than you did... I had my newly arrived diazo print Wendell Hostetler plans spread out on our new oak table and decided to compare the profile of my H-9 Extra 260 to these Extra 300xs 27% plans. Appearantly some castor dripped out on to the plans and somehow chemically reacted with the paper or the finish on the table??? My plans are stuck in several places to the table now!!! I didn't dare move them this morning because there are about 5 dime sized sticks. It's not sticky, it's actually glued in-place. I didn't want to ruin the plans or for her to see where the stuck paper to her new table. I guess I'll apply a little more castor tonight and see if it budges.