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Default RE: Do I need a servo programmer for digital servos

Sell your Hitec digitals and buy some JR digitals. Problem solved.

I'll bet you bought the 56xx series of hitec (5645 or 5625). Am I right?

All those are is a pumped up 645 or 625. BOTH of those servos are well known for not centering worth a c**p.

I crashed a 25% aerobatic plane because my Hitec 625 MG servos wouldn't center. I moved the aileron to the right--and the right aileron would go up. But, when I released the stick, the servo would return to center and then stop with the aileron abour 3/8" LOW. They were going beyond center before they stopped. Move the stick left--and the right one goes down. But, on the return trip--it's hung up 3/8" HIGH.

Same thing with left aileron. Move stick left--and left aileron goes up. Release stick and left aileron returns to center and stops 3/8" low.

Same thing with the elevators.

These servos just don't center good. Not at all.

Pumping them up with digital circuitry doesn't make them center any better. It gives them great holding power. But, it doesn't improve the centering.

Hate to be the one to tell ya. But I ain't lying. I'm telling you straight.

If you bought some other series of Hitec digitals (5945 5975 whatever)--then I still say that you can eliminate your problems with JR servos.

Hitec makes some decent servos. Unfortunately--their digitals and their 6xx series don't center very well.