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Default RE: Suggestions for a trainer plane

I suggest joining a club and finding an instructor to help, someone who enjoys helping beginners get started. He might have a specific trainer he feels works best for his students. If so, pay attention! Many great primary trainers are out there and I know the Hanger 9 P-51 PTS was designed specifically as a first airplane. I have not flown, but, have seen fly and the low time pilots who did fly it had very very high praise! Stick time on a simulator is also a very good idea, if your "confuser" is up to snuff. Installing a good simulator will cost about the same as a good ARF. Great Planes G-3 is for sale on R/CUniverse and Ebay at attractive prices!

You can look for help here; but, be aware the miriad of opinions will tend to confuse! Better to hook up with someone local, of undisputed expertise to help.

If I have offended someone here, so be it! However, I am simply trying to give good help.

Mark DeSchane, AMA 59157