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Default RE: Questions regarding Futaba Servos

Carrell makes some good points. I personally believe that bigger is better to a certain point, but the decision to go digital is a bit more complicated.

Digitals are great if you want the precision they provide, and they are a tiny bit faster than the higher end analogs, BUT they require more power, a lot of the Futaba digitals are restricted to 4.8 volt operation leaving you without the extra kick a 6 volt system can provide, and digital servos can be more temperamental to match in dual setups like large scale with multiple servos per wing.

I went with the above mentioned S3305 MG servos on my Funtana 90 and they work great. They may be more than you need for your 60 size airplane, but are you going to just fly that size airplane for the rest of your life? Bigger servos can go into more applications down the road...