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Default RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D

WOW This is the best sight I have ever seen on any one Airplane . I also have joined the multitudes and put a twist up in my little shop of planes and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW. SOOOO much fun. The first time I switched from my Hangar 9 P51 to the Twist and forgot to put the rates on low....what a surprise...Pulled back to lift off and that is certainly what it did...STRAIGHT UP as straight as an arrow WITH ATTITUDE.


engine died at 150 ft and I deadsticked it to the runway with noproblems.

(my fault still working on how to get the Saitos to run right)

I have flown mostly 2 strokes and the whole 4 stroke thing is very new to me. I set the engine to where the manual says is rich and the eng wants to spudder at full throttle. If I try to lean it out it seams to get worse. I tried richening it and that was know better. I am going to try the prop recommended by RCU Magazine.


and try it again when it warms up or maybe in the garage (-20 celcius in alberta today Brrrrr. )

Love any wisdom on saito 4 stroke tuning KEEP ON FLYING.

PPS. If you are looking at the Twist For your next plane after your trainer I would deffinately Recommend the twist and the .82 saito however I would also recomend and this is just me ( an advanced beginner flyer ) that you even lower the lowest rates just a little bit lower than what is recomended in the flight manual. I had no problem with my fisrt flight but it was a little on the touchy side I thought.
for a beginner anyway... just my thoughts though have fun no matter what you decide.