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Default RE: do i need a pcm receiver with gas?

You do not need PCM. PPm works just fine. If you should decide to use PCM, set it up with a PPM first and make sure you have no "glitches". If you do, PCM will hide them, and make you think the problem is gone, that is, until it locks out in PCM.
I also fly PPM (actually I use Multiplex IPD RXs with a JR TX). I get the benefits of failsafe setting with the advantage that I will know that something is going wrong before the plane completely locks out on me. I don't use IPD because they are cheap (they are not that cheap), I use them because it's what I like in my 35% IMAC planes.

I get range checks with the engine running that are so good I get sick of walking. They are as good as engine off. I do engine running range check before the first flight every day I fly, just to check for changes.

Even if you set a bird up with a PPM then huck in a PCM, things change over time. Ignition shielding breaks down, connections come loose (of course, I solder everything and don't use servo extensions), etc... With PCM you won't know until you lock out... then you are hosed.

The EXPERTS are usually sponsored and use what is given to them by their radio sponsors... I'm not saying they wouldn't use them anyway, but it is not a fair comparison. I know a guy that is sponsored by a radio company and he hates it, but he keeps using it to get cheap servos, RXs, and TXs. Take what you can get I guess.