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Default RE: rx suggestions?

ORIGINAL: sillyness

With the the Berg RXs I could turn on a second radio, same brand, same channel, whilst flying my plane and the RX just completely ignores the second TX. It samples your TX in the first second after startup and will not listen to anything else. Awesome.
Me thinks the above statement is a little bit of stretch of the ability of the Berg RX's I too have several Berg RX's. Bergs have intelligent signal recognition (DSR) or some similar nomenclature, they ATTEMPT to differentiate the origin of the signal however they are unable to distinguish without doubt which signal to listen to. When in fact the RX is confused a control frame is generated from previous known good frames and substituted while the interference is in play. Essentially the RX is in cruise control or whatever the replicated frame previously used for a reference is passed to the servos until such time a good signal is interpreted or the substituted frames time out and failsafe is initiated.

Variables such as modulation shift (negative or positive) are hands down ignored while other variables like the number of channel signals sent along the FM carrier peculiar to the specific TX in play and the channel capacity of same together with the time and pulse signature of the specific TX in play is all used to gather data for recognizing the TX initially recognized at power up. Problem is any like TX is capable of generating the same channel time and pulse signatures. So while it’s all good it’s not an absolute and stuff still happens. That said these RX's are superior to other standard PPM RX's and very close in signal to noise rejection to PCM RX’s if not on an equal plane.