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Default RE: do i need a pcm receiver with gas?

I love the "PCM hides problems" idea. Sometimes it takes me a long time to stop laughing. PCM does not "hide" problems. PCM does not recognize it as a problem and therefore it DOES NOT EXIST to that system. If it doesn't see it, then by definition it is NOT a problem.

A good example are my two cars. Side by side in the driveway my truck, which usually works fine, gets terrible reception while my wife's car brings in the same station 5 by 5. So I guess her radio is terrible since it is "hiding" the interference that my truck is picking up. We have high tension wires behind the house that cause this interference.

But put that argument aside for now. I prefer PCM in anything I fly because I can get a predictable result in the event of interference. In other words, rather than wild uncontrolled glitches that may make the plane do something very bad, I can program what WILL happen. Now that may not save the plane, but I know 100% I've been hit and the plane is doing something predictable rather than not.