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Default RE: do i need a pcm receiver with gas?


Bob, you may want to search around on the boards and make sure you know what you are talking about. It is generally accepted that hiding a problem with PCM is a bad move. The majority of pilots using PCM, at least those whose post on RCU, make absolutely sure they have no problems with PPM befor using PCM.

Well then...what do you suppose they created PCM receivers for?? Just for fun??? I've looked around the forums and it appears to me that PCM is a great tool for solving otherwise impossible problems. Sooner or later your gasser will start creating RF noises as thing wear and ignitions get old. PCM is cheap insurance that my plane always returns from it latest mission.

I remember years ago we had this same discussion when they came out with Dual Conversion receivers. Many people believed it was over kill. Too technical....too much chance of failure due to a higher parts count. Whew.....Those same people can't live without dual conversion today. Singel conversion works....but your living on the edge.

Using the logic that PCM only masks the problem....maybe we should all go back to regular spark plugs because resistor plugs only masks the problem? Whew....

PPM works....but your living on the edge. IMO...