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Default RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

Warning: Turning Off transmitter Or Collapsing the Antenna While the Helo Is Armed - Don't Do It!

If you have ever turned on and armed your DF without the transmitter already on or turned off your transmitter while the DF is armed, then you have probably experienced the random pulsing and sometimes full throttle of the rotors! The following is what can happen if you do this while leaving the DF unattended while powered up and armed.

A while back, I was flying just fine and landed my helo near the edge of the open field, left it on and armed, went to my truck 100 yards away and collapsed my antenna as I walked to my truck thinking I was still in adequate range for the helo to receive a neutral signal. I was wrong. [:@] When I returned two minutes later, my helo was gone! [X(] [] Well, I just panicked because I knew what had happened and that's what made it even worse. While I was walking to my truck the damn thing had taken off all by itself and disappeared because it lost the signal from the transmitter while armed. I didn't know what direction, how high it had gone and if so how far it may have drifted if it had reached a high altitude. The only thing I had to my advantage was the battery was already low so it wouldn't have gone far under power. I did a quick scan of the ground and trees within a 1000 ft radius and could not find it. [] Do you know how many strange looks I got while frantically walking around looking up into all of those trees? [sm=tongue.gif] I knew I had one more way to find it which was to wait until it got dark and look for nav lights and the tail strobe. Well, right before dark, I started my night search and within 15 minutes found it about 30 ft up in a pine tree only 50 ft from where it had taken off! [:@] If it had been any further out in the field when it took off, I probably wouldn't have ever seen it again. That tree caught it before it could gain altitude and drift away. I was so happy, I didn't know what to do! The lights looked pretty cool up in that tree though. Anyway, I had to get on top of my truck and use a 20 ft 2x4 to fish it out. When I returned from getting the 2x4, I caught two college kids, this was a college campus, trying to knock it down with a small ball. I quickly jumped out of my truck and said, tell me you haven't hit that with that ball. Oh no, we didn't they said as they quickly scurried away because they damn near got caught trying to helonap my helo. [:@] Well, after I chased off the hyenas or vultures, I fished that thing out of the tree and inspected it for damage. There was nothing wrong but a blown fuse from jammed rotors in the limbs. I flew again later that night with no issues. That is one tough bird! [sm=thumbup.gif] So, remember not to turn off your transmitter or collapse the antenna while your helo is on and/or armed no matter how close you are to it or you may not see it again!