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Default 9ZH WC, EVO 12 or Multiplex mc4000?

Ok guys,

I have been driving myself nuts trying to figure out my replacement for my aging 9ZHP... It still works like a champ but I want a new radio!

NOTE: I FLY ANY AND EVERYTHING! Jet, foamies, gliders etc.....

So I have narrowed down to these 3 but cant decide!

Evo and MC 4000 are cheaper than the 9ZH, but i am already familiar with the 9Z programming. Learning new system would cool with me also!

Can anyone tell be the difference between the 9ZHP and the 9ZH WC? are there any better fetures on the WC?
I also heard the EVO doesnt have Expo and only has a 5 point heli pitch curves, is this true?

What about the MC4000 Expo? Points on pitch curves?


Lawrence Dorn