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Default RE: 14mz Software update problem

The one and only issue is that for a small number of people that when setting up a new condition and using the "copy condition" menu the screen freezes. You simply power down and you are good to go. It does not effect anything else. It does not effect the flight controls, the saved model info, or anything else. It is a simple screen freeze when in the programming mode. Futaba Japan expects to have a patch out ASAP.

I tested this on my radio after I saw tis not today. I could not replicate the issue. I installed the update last week and I have flown the radio for nearly 20 flights in a raptor 50 and another 10 on a 100cc gas plane without an single issue.

Here is the official release:

We have temporarily suspended the ability of anyone to download the Futaba 14MZ update software.

A minor difficulty has been discovered in the latest update release for the 14MZ software. This difficulty only affects the "Copy" function in the "Condition" menu. When copying certain conditions, the transmitter freezes and displays an odd screen. Turning the transmitter off, then on, clears the screen and allows the transmitter to operate.

This in no way affects any model programs already stored in the transmitter and does not affect flight control in any way. Your transmitter is safe to fly.

We have been advised by Futaba, Japan that a fix for this will be available in a few days.

If you recently sent your transmitter to us to perform the update, please let us know so that we can arrange to have the new update installed.
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