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Default RE: Draganfly iv. Anyone flew it?Control?

Jeff -Thanks for the supportive comment on my little demo! I was so busy shooting weddings for the last few months that I had almost no spare time at all. Next year I am going to reduce that workload. I also bought an electric assist bicycle and have rode it to work most every day (7.9 miles) since mid September with a total of 800 miles so far. The Draganflyer and flight bag may be going with me on that puppy next year. Using bungie cords they strap on the back carrier rack.
You can see the bike here: http://www.evglobal.com/36volt.html
It should save lots of gas going all over town to shoot video. I did a LOT of flying this year.

The foam was worth a try but is so compressed that it might not provide much benifit. The vibration is a complex resonance problem so I am still convinced that you have to overcome it through a resonant mechanical advantage. I have tried over two hundred combinations of components and nothing that I have tried so far works as well as my first three element arm. That thing floats so freely that even foam transmits vibration like a hammer to it. Another test I am about to try is my same design except instead of the rubber bands I will be using a material called Sorbothane. I bought some from Edmund Scientific and on my first two test flights I found virtually no vibration. My design has worked perfectly at times but at others it has been hard to adjust so I am hoping this will make it more dependable in eliminating as much of the vibration as possible. The arm works well enough that it always reduces the vibration considerably but I want it as good as it can be all the time. Sorbothane is a strange material. It is like a cross between solid and a liquid to reduce vibration. It feels sticky.

yvesOttawa & Jeff -Yes I use the metal bolts without exception as from what I found instant DF death can be a moment away if you are high up with those nylon bolts. If you fly well and high you shouldn't have to worry much about clipping a blade on a terrestrial object so you have everything to gain by using them. If you hear cross-piece clipping sounds while using the CF blades with nylon bolts you may have little time to recover before one pops apart. I love the metal bolts!

I use taped foam props and CF props only. I found the German CF props to be quite good but had some trouble on a very hot day (102 degrees) with a heavier camera load creating oscillation, landed hard and broke one in half. A new development is that davidtkal is creating some very nice CF props. They are drastically more ridgid. I am waiting for this weather to get better to do some serious flying with those. They could be the very best props available since they shouldn't flex much under heavier loads spilling air and causing oscillation of the flyer. They would be dangerous around people and you sure would not want to get hit with one of them but they are very light, very strong and very stiff.

Jeff I saw the twilight videos using your lights. You sure fly well for such little time learning. I use a simulator to keep sharp with it. After learning to fly nose in that is still my preference. That thing sure looks like a UFO. That has to be great fun with the lights. I like the idea of putting three together for more punch in the daylight. Have you considered high power luxeon LED lights? They pull more power however and extra battery weight may make them impractical but they are supposed to be the brightest LEDs in the world.