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Default RE: 9ZH WC, EVO 12 or Multiplex mc4000?

I have heard rumours that Multiplex will not be making a 72mhz synth for the 4000, but I don't know the official position.

The Royal Evo is very good but it does have an annoying ommision, expo is fixed for the model and is not a different setting for each flight phase. If you fly 3D this can be a problem. There is a way to program around it by using different input curves to the mixer but it is not ideal and involves a sudden change rather than a curved change in response. Multiplex has been asked and asked to include expo per phase in the next free upgrade, there is some reason to think that they are considering it but until we see it for real there is no guarantee.

I have owned a 4000 for about 4 or 5 years, use it for everything from Twinjet to my gas turbine models, its programmability is mind-blowing.