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Default RE: 9ZH WC, EVO 12 or Multiplex mc4000?

ORIGINAL: Skypilot_one
Is there a place on the net that has some programming templates for the Multiplex radios? Some programming to get a shlep started?

Having to assign every switch is a bit of a pain after being spoiled by the Asian radios.
I think the 4000 comes with some models already programmed so you can see how it is done and copy and adapt them if you wish, though I may be confusing that with the 3030 that definitely had some models programmed. Anyway assigning every stick switch etc is not a problem, you just do it once to suit your taste and save it as a master memory along with many other of your favourite settings like transmission mode, timer setup, etc, and when you want to create a new model you just copy from master to empty. The Royal Evo has a variety of templates built in.

ORIGINAL: Skypilot_oneDo you think the next programming change will require reprogramming all the models again live the last software upgrade? Or was that just a myth?
Do you mean the Royal Evo? None of its software upgrades so far have required reprogramming the models. I don't know what happened many years ago when the 4000 was upgraded to v2.0 but it is so good now and such a long way through its production life that another upgrade is extremely unlikely.

There is some advanced programming help for Multiplex at and a substantial independent programming manual, (for free!) now endorsed by multiplex themselves available at several sites such as, , maybe at rcsoar as well. There are enough of us on the forums here and at rcgroups, experienced at programming multiplex to help you if you have any questions at all.