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Default RE: CMP 71 zero... super tigre g2300 ?

Just trying to put things in prospective. I have a Saito 180 in a 83" 17.5 pound warbird. It flys scale like, maybe a little fast. I fly scale planes and like to fly them in a scale manner. If I wanted a fast plane then I would fly a jet or quickie 500. By all means power a model the way you want. Dave Platt has flown a 15 pound 80" Zero with a OS 108 using a 14x8 prop and recommends the combination. The GPS Zero does fly well with the Laser 120 which is small in size and not as powerful as other 120's. Friends at the field have Saito 100's and they are very close in power but lighter, wish I had one for a long nose coupled Zlin. I suspect a 91 2s would fit completely in the cowl which is very important to me as it looks much more scale. It is possible to place equipment so that adding lead is minimized. Lighter planes do fly better. Be safe and careful about over stressing the structure.

Most important is to power the plane so that it does what you want. IMHO a hovering Zero just does not look right, I would have a 3D plane or and Ultimate for that.



You should try a 16x8 if you want more speed. I currently am using a APC 17x8 and 10% at 8.4k rpm. Very nice running Saito!