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ORIGINAL: cadillac_kid28

The 14 mz is a serious piece of radio but my question is how many people do you actually see with them. It has so many nice features yet some are kinda useless. 100 model memory, thats nice and all but I dont know about you guys but my hobby store doesnt even have 100 models. Color screen, cool but kills the battery. Any other opinions
The radio is great especially when you start running out of channels on a 9Z. I fly jets and with 8 channels just for flight surfaces the more channels the better. I personally hate Y cables but for guys with bomb drops, smoke, drague chutes, etc. on their scale jets they need those extra channels. 100 model memory is not that bad as I have 10 on my radio now, 3 for my 3 jets with backups so if I make a change that screws up I can always revert back to my original settings. 2 for my heli and 2 for my sons trainers. Plus I plan on adding more for my real flight. the color screen is not that bad because it actually turns off the backlight in a preset amount of time to save battery life and with a lithium ion battery mine lasts for about 2 hours of continuous use. So for you it may not be necessary, but some of us felt the need to plunk down our money.

Just my .02