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Default RE: Futaba 14 mz

The flexibilty is unrivaled by other radios. I particulariy like the ablity to have more than one servo such as 2 airleron and 2 elevator servos plugged into seperate ports on the reciever. I can then reverse, sub trim etc each servo independantly but still have single stick control. The radio is a learning curve as the manual lacks a lot of detail, but I work out what I need to do as I go and I am 50 years old, lol.

The mixing options are great, and you can design all the specal mixes you will ever need. The ability to set speeds on any servo is cool too. Slow flaps and retracts look great, and you can mix the speed into say the elevator so when you deploy the flaps, as they go down slowly, the elevator mix matches the speed... way cool.

I have not scratched the surface as I still need to learn what all of the addtional features on each programming menu do. But even expontial setting is increadable with all of the options it offers, such as the ability to split expo rates on one side of the throw or the other and to have different expos on each rate.

My only hope is that they produce some better instructions so I can more quickly take advantage of the many possiblities this radio offers.