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Default RE: 1/4 scale Cub builders

Bigger is better, go w/the 120. I have a Balsa USA w/ a Super Cub fiberglass cowling. It flies w/ a Quadra 42 (white plane w/red trim, Century 21 fabric covered).

I just got really cheap a beautiful Sig clipped wing fabric covered J-3 (yellow fabric, of course) form a great modeler friend of mine that is cutting down in size. For this one I am shopping for a Zenoah 26. The problem with the Zenoah is that the J-3 cowling is tooo narrow. I might just replace the cowling (J-3) by a Super Cub cowling and call it a PA-11.

I modified mine when I built it (many years back). I mounted the wings on 2 tubes, and I modified the tail section, and I can remove the whole tail section. This allowed me to fit the plane in my samall Nissan Sentra I had at the time:-) Of course, since then I only purchased minivans, and later SUV's.

I suggest you replace the 4 longerons of the fuselage by spruce (do not use the balsa stringers). It will save you a lot of grief down the road (do not ask why I know this)...