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Default RE: 1/4 scale Cub builders

Hi Troy. I did a couple of changes to my J-3 while building. Non of the ideas were mine, I copied from the masters:-).

1) I did make the whole tail group detachable, in order to be able to move my plane around in a small car. Not hard to do, it is a blessing if you want to go to the field, and your wife did take your minivan or SUV, and left her Honda:-). If you do not have this problem, do not bother. I plan to do the same if I build a 1/3 scale S.Cub or some 1/3 sacale monster...

2) The other big change was to change the way the wings are mounted on the fuse. I did install tubes which make the assembly esasier on the field. No help needed to put the plane together at the field. I can post pictures where you can get an idea of what I did.

3) After a silly accident, a pilot (me) stupid mistake during landing, I replaced the 4 balsa pieces that go all along your fuselage corners by spruce. You gain very little in weight, but you gain a lot in strength.

4) I reinforced the firewall area because I wanted to use a big engine, a Quadra 42. Using a gasser forced me to go w/a supr Cub cowling to hide the engine. J-3 cowlings are not gas-friendly. Saitos or similar engines are better to hide. You can mount inverted, or just let the cilinder stick out on one of the sides:-)

5) I used gussetts to reinforce the fuse while building. Again, with a minimum weight penaltuy you gain a lot of strenght.