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Default Choosing a bird

Hey everyone! I'm new here and pretty new to RC helis. In fact, I've never flown a REAL heli, just the 50 dollar toy dual blade dixie cup kind. I do, though, work at a hobby shop, so I have plenty of second hand knowledge and I've been into RC cars since I was 4 (15 years and counting) so I'm not a TOTAL beginner. I'm getting a little bored with cars right now, so I'm looking to slightly shift gears. We keep getting these nice new helis at work and they look like loads of fun. OK, now that that's out of the way, into the meat.

I'm looking for a good starter heli. I need something RTF that is somewhat aerobatic but still easy enough to learn on. I'm looking mainly at the Walkera helis, just because I like to be different and nobody here has them (everyone's got a Blade CX or CP or a Hirobo Skylama [whoever is in charge of marketing at Hirobo should be fired. The Skylama? C'mon. But I digress...]) or maybe an E-Sky. I've been taking a long, hard look at the DF 4, DF5 and DF22D because I can pick those up for relatively cheap. I was also considering the 35 or 36, too, but I was wondering if a 6CH was too advanced for me (it's OK, you can say yes if you want to ). Well, thanks in advance for any advice you can give!