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Default RE: 1/4 Scale J3 CUB which is best???

I'd have to second the above post regarding Sig. Good kit, been around a long time. BUSA also makes a good 1/4 scale Cub, and I like the way the center section and wings are made a little better. The Sig's wing is two piece, but the center section is part of one wing; you put the wing 'halves' together, and then use wing bolts to attach the wing to the fuse.

With the BUSA kit, the center section is part of the fuselage, and each wing half fits on dowels that stick out of the center section at the roots, and the wing halves fit on them, and are held on by screws inside the cabin; it's a cleaner attachment, looks better IMO, and if you want to modify the plane to make it an L-4, it's easier to do. Can't go wrong with either one, though.