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Default RE: Carden Cuda Build

It's always the details that screw things up!! At least it wasn't a major problem.....like when the power went out while I was vac-baggin a wing core!!

ORIGINAL: ibow24

OK..This morning I pulled my first and hopefully only DUMB ***** moment of this build.
Last night I drew the cut lines for all the bevels on the control surfaces and figured that was a good place to quit for the night.
This morning I went down, set up the bad saw (yeah I use the band saw the cut the bevel to rough shape)
got one of the elevator halfs out and ran it through both sides...nice, looks good right.
too bad I didn't drill hinge holes BEFORE I did that !!!.
Oh well, at least the location was marked. I started with a tiny pin drill and worked my way up.
Then finished with a sharpened piece of 3/16" dowel.
at least I started with the stabs and not the wing.