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Default RE: Showtime for Pattern flying?

ORIGINAL: Dave Harmon

Any of the current ARF's that are designed for Pattern.....
The Showtime is designed primarily for 3D.

Hmmm... to my admittedly ignorant (of things Pattern) eye, the ST looks quite similar to the photos of F3A ships I see. I would imagine that a true Pattern airplane wouldn't have those huge control surfaces; but aside from that, what's the difference? I'm not even considering those SFG thingies; I'm talking about the basic airframe shape/lay-out.

Like exeter_acres, I bought one for a back-up IMAC/knock-around plane. Maidened it today. I have an incidence issue (I think; I'm carrying excessive aileron trim. Won't know for sure until I put the meter to it), but it flies pretty good as is. That is to say, better than I can hold it. It was far to windy to do any serious trimming, but I think the plane has potential for what I want it to do.