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Default RE: Predator tail broke off during flight

Hi Keith,

I was surprised to see that you were from Ankeny, Ia. I live in NE Des Moines.

First regarding your Predator, weak tails and similar problems are common with these aircraft. Many have been raced around the country but quality control is not one of these cheap Q500 ARF's strong points. The Viper is a better airplane (my opinion) but it is not without problems and the weak tail is a common to both of these aircraft. There are common fixes for these and other probems. If you need help with the Predator, please let me know and I'm sure I can help ... even to providing you with a new fuselage ... I have a spare.

Are you interested in Q500 racing or are you just wanting to fly a fast sport airplane. If interested in Q500 racing, we have a great group of racers just 4 hours up I-35 in the Minneapolis area. Go to www.ncplracing.org to check them out. I make the trip several times each year and there is always a seat available if you'd like to check them out!

Roger S.
[email protected]