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Default I need help on repairing my carden cap

I am needing some advise repairing my 30% cap. somehow the elevator stap broke. I had to happen from hanger rash some how. I did not build this plane. I bought this plane used. and I haven't flown it since May when I put it up everything was perfect.

Here is whats wrong.
The elevator servo is in the bottom of the stab and, it is broke right throught there. I haven't cut into the covering yet. But I know it's broke on the bottom because the covering is cracked and when you wiggle the stab you can see the crack. ON the top of the stab it broke loose real close to the fuselage. So how do I fix this problem. Do I just work in some gorrilla glue or exopy in to foam and wood just glue it back. Any advise is appreciated.