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Danny Baker
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Default RE: I need help on repairing my carden cap

Mike: This has happened to me with one of my planes too. Except I did it in a crash. I would cut away the covering on the bottom of the stab. And perhaps on the top also to be sure where the damage is. Anyway, from the bottom once you find the split in the sheeting (which should be cross grain), cut about three or so slits in the sheeting. Be sure the slits are about an inch or so deep, and make them the width of 1/8" or so. Make the slits about 4 in. long. 2in. each side of the damamge. Now glue bracing into the slits once you have the stab into a straight position. This will be just like how two wing halves are glued together in ARF contruction. Sorta like a center spare brace of two ARF wings. Be sure the braces are deaper than the sheeting. After the braces have dried, peel back the sheeting left and right of the damage and re-sheet the area in the damaged section. Now you have internal spars and new sheeting in the damaged area. Recover, fly.