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Default RE: Ace Allstar Bipe

Picked up one partly built at an estate sale once. Finished it with 3 S133 servos and a standard size reciever and 500mAh battery pack. Drilled the motor mount for both a Fox BB 15 and an HB 15. After reading the original article, and hearing some comments about the plane, I went with the HB (8-4 prop at about 12500 for the HB, 14500 for the Fox) Great choice even for taking off from grass. Very aerobatic as well. Definitely not a beginer's plane.

Got a few comments from people who had them and thought they were junk. Everyone who had bad service from them had used 19s or ST 23s. Very prone to snap rolling on take-off. They had trouble believing I had selected the HB over the Fox because HB had less power. I had the plane stolen from my car before I could try the Fox.
Almost wish I could find another one, but I still have about a lifetime of kits in my attic to build yet, and another couple of lifetimes worth of plans.